Jumping Jack Audio Splitter $2.50 ea

24pc disp ​asst colors 

2-for-1 companion; share video, voice chats, etc; Superior sound transmission

Manicure Set
​$2.00 each
24 pcs. asst.  colors
includes tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and scissors

 ScanSafe Card Case
$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​ 
Thin wallet fits easily in pocket or purse. 4 card slot with ID window. Has RFID protection 

Mood Ring 
$1.50 each
36 pc disp
Adjustable Mood Rings, color of ring changes as your energy and mood changes​

Pompom Tassel Key Chain
​$3.00 each
12 pcs. asst. colors 
disp. not included

Clear Essentials Case

$3.50 each

12pc min/no disp

Ideal for toiletries & cosmetics; TSA Friendly; 3 Asst colors; 9" x 5" 

NFL Wristlet Lanyard

$3.00 each

12pcs. asst. teams

My Click  Cordless Light Switch

24pc display 

 The ultra-bright light with COB LED technology illuminates with a bright band of 9 intense lights. Can mount 1 of 3 ways: Velcro, hanging or built-in magnet.

Prices listed are 1/2 retail value. 

New Items

High Roller Extendable Massager

$3.50 ea 

12pc disp
Extends up to 18" Relax tight muscles and aches  

LED Night Light Wall Switch
$3.50 each
15pc. disp. asst. 

Comes with adhesive backing and can be used in closet, on wall, locker etc. ~comes in beauty & the beast, minions & emoji's

Insulated Two in One Large Tote​​
​$9.00 each
6 pcs. asst. colors 
base is insulated for hot or cold. zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs​

Piggy Phone Stand

​$1.00 each
50 pcs. asst.  colors 

Light up Emoji Doll Keychain

$1.50 each
min 24 pcs., asst.

Emoji Stress Ball​

​​$1.50 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display​

Large Scan-Safe Wallet Wristlet
​​$8.50 each
6 pcs. asst.  (disp not included)
RFID Core Protection
3 Popular Colors  Safely hold up to eight credit or ID cards with zip-around security. Wristlet also has three zippered pouches to hold all of your essentials

Expressively Yours Sentiment Key Chain
$6.00 ea 
12pc minimum
Silvertone Matte Finish. 6 Asst styles, beautifully gift boxed.  ​

Scan Safe Hideaway Waist Belt
$5.00 each
18 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​ 
Hide your cash, credit cards, passport and more; RFID technology; adjustable elastic band; Great for traveling or simply walking​

Flip Spinner
​$3.00 each 
24 pcs. asst.  colors 

Handy Sewing Kit

$2.00 each

24pc disp​ 
 Includes buttons, snaps, scissors, safety pins, needle, thread, threader, crafty tweezer

Cell Phone Fan

 $2.50 ea

48pc disp ​asst colors 

Choose from Iphone or Android

Eyeglass Repair Kit
​$2.00 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 

Includes:  philips & flat head screwdrivers, hinge rings, nose pads, and extra screws. Swing-arm closure

  Architect 5 in 1 Pen
​​$2.00 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display
Pen • Stylus • Level • Ruler • Screwdriver ALL-IN-ONE.

Mini Fashion Tape Measure

$2.50 each

24 pc disp

Stretches up to 5 feet; Push button retraction; Auto-lock pull  

Insulated Two in One Lunch Tote​​

​$5.50 each
8 pcs. asst. colors 

base is insulated for hot or cold. Zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs

 NFL & MLB Bottle Cap Key Chain
$3.50 each
min 12 pcs., asst.

Active Groove Earphones

 $4.00 ea

15pc disp

Superior audio stereo quality with enhanced clarity, built-in microphone 

Curtain Call Lighted Mirror Compact with dual magnifications
$3.50 ​ each

24pc disp​ 
 6 Bright LED lights; Lithium batteries incl

Pocket Bam Light
$3.00  each
24 pc. disp. asst. ​
Super bright LED light with built-in magnet plus carabiner​​

Vacuum Wine Stopper​
​$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 

Simple air retraction system helps preserve the freshness of any bottle. Cute and clever saying

Ultimate Wallet 

12pc (Disp not included)

 This sleek and slim wallet offers 20 card slots, two interior pockets and window ID holder Comes in Asst Colors.​

Urban Energy Crossbody Purse​ 
 $8.50 ea

6pc min asst.

Great for all your necessities and Smartphones; Removable strap; Asst designs