Pocket Bam Light
$2.50  each
24 pc. disp. asst. ​
Super bright LED light with built-in magnet plus carabiner​​

Large Scan-Safe Wallet Wristlet
​​$8.50 each
6 pcs. asst.  (disp not included)
RFID Core Protection
3 Popular Colors  Safely hold up to eight credit or ID cards with zip-around security. Wristlet also has three zippered pouches to hold all of your essentials

Expressively Yours Sentiment Key Chain
$6.00 ea 
12pc minimum
Silvertone Matte Finish. 6 Asst styles, beautifully gift boxed.  ​

Scan Safe Hideaway Waist Belt
$5.00 each
18 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​ 
Hide your cash, credit cards, passport and more; RFID technology; adjustable elastic band; Great for traveling or simply walking​

Eyeglass Repair Kit
​$2.00 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 

Includes:  philips & flat head screwdrivers, hinge rings, nose pads, and extra screws. Swing-arm closure

Cube Fidget Gadget
$4.50 each
12 pcs. asst. colors

Healing, soothing & relaxing

Hand Spinner
 $4.50 ea
24pc /disp. 

Slim Wallet

$2.50ea min

24pc w/display

 Holds only the essentials such as folded bills, ID and credit cards. Has soft leather-like feel. Asst colors

NFL Wristlet Lanyard

$3.00 each

12pcs. asst. teams

Metallic Fidget Spinner
$4.50 ea
24 pc/disp.

Prices listed are 1/2 retail value. 

New Items

High Roller Extendable Massager

temporarily out of stock

$3.50 ea 

12pc disp
Extends up to 18" Relax tight muscles and aches  

Handy Sewing Kit

$2.00 each

24pc disp​ 
 Includes buttons, snaps, scissors, safety pins, needle, thread, threader, crafty tweezer

Jumping Jack Audio Splitter $2.50 ea

24pc disp ​asst colors 

2-for-1 companion; share video, voice chats, etc; Superior sound transmission

Piggy Phone Stand

​$1.00 each
50 pcs. asst.  colors 

Clear Essentials Case

$3.50 each

12pc min/no disp

Ideal for toiletries & cosmetics; TSA Friendly; 3 Asst colors; 9" x 5" 

Light up Emoji Doll Keychain

temp out of stock​
$1.50 each
min 24 pcs., asst.

Emoji Stress Ball​

temp out of stock
​​$1.50 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display​

 ScanSafe Card Case
$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​ 
Thin wallet fits easily in pocket or purse. 4 card slot with ID window. Has RFID protection 

Urban Energy Crossbody Purse​ 
 $8.50 ea

6pc min

Great for all your necessities and Smartphones; Removable strap; Asst designs

Vacuum Wine Stopper​
​$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 

Simple air retraction system helps preserve the freshness of any bottle. Cute and clever saying

UFO Fidget Spinner

$4.50 ea
24 pc/disp.

Pompom Tassel Key Chain
​$3.00 each
12 pcs. asst. colors 
disp. not included

  Architect 5 in 1 Pen
​​$2.00 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display
Pen • Stylus • Level • Ruler • Screwdriver ALL-IN-ONE.

Mini Fashion Tape Measure

$2.50 each

24 pc disp

Stretches up to 5 feet; Push button retraction; Auto-lock pull  

Insulated Two in One Lunch Tote​​
​$5.50 each
8 pcs. asst. colors 

base is insulated for hot or cold. Zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs

 NFL & MLB Bottle Cap Key Chain
$3.50 each
min 12 pcs., asst.

Mood Ring 
$1.50 each
36 pc disp
Adjustable Mood Rings, color of ring changes as your energy and mood changes​

Insulated Two in One Large Tote​​
​$9.00 each
6 pcs. asst. colors 
base is insulated for hot or cold. zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs​

Widget Spinner
 $3.50 ea
48pc min/disp. 

 Flat Light Sport with Carabiner  $2.50 each

24pc disp.

Sporty design; Bright LED lights; Clips easily to backpack, purse, belt loop and more  

Curtain Call Lighted Mirror Compact with dual magnifications
$4.50 ​ each

24pc disp​ 
 6 Bright LED lights; Lithium batteries incl

Manicure Set
​$2.00 each
24 pcs. asst.  colors
includes tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and scissors

LED Night Light Wall Switch
$3.50 each
15pc. disp. asst. 

Comes with adhesive backing and can be used in closet, on wall, locker etc. ~ mixed with beauty & the beast, minions & emoji's