​​$2.50 each

24 pcs. asst. w/ display

no slip grip, bright vivid colors

Insect Repelling Super Band-2pk
$1.50 ea 
24 pc disp
*Repels bugs and mosquitoes *Lasts up to 200 hours  *Deet Free  *One size fits all

Extendable Fly Swatter
$2 .00 each
24pc display
Assorted colors​ 

Glow-In-The-Dark Piggy Phone Stand
​$1.00 each
85 pcs. asst.  colors ​

Decorated Kitchen Silicone Spatulas
24 pc Disp 
Bright, colorful designs, Asst styles with cute sayings

Phone and Tablet Clip
$2.50 each
24 pcs. asst.  

Piggy & Friends Phone Stand
​$1.00 each
90 pcs. asst. animals

Prices listed are 1/2 retail value. 

Retail Under $5