Flip Spinner

 $.40 ea  
24 pc min/disp.

​Final Sale at this price!

Slim Bam Light
$1.50  each
24 pc. disp. asst. ​
Super bright  LED light with built-in magnet 

Metallic or Glow Fidget

 $.50 ea  
24 pc min/disp.

​Final Sale at this price!

Drops Mini Flashlight
​$0.95 each
36 pcs. w/disp.
Ultrabrite LED, soft silicone casing

Flat Light Sport with Carabiner 
 $1.50 each
24pc disp.
Sporty design; Bright LED lights; Clips easily to backpack, purse, belt loop and more  

Outer Groove Stereo Earphones
​$1.00 each
12 pcs. min. no disp.

Jumping Jack Audio Splitter
$1.50 ea 
11pc refill ​asst colors 
2-for-1 companion; share video, voice chats, etc; Superior sound transmission

Eyeglass Repair Kit
​$1.00 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 
Includes:  philips & flat head screwdrivers, hinge rings, nose pads, and extra screws. Swing-arm closure​

Handy Lint Roller
$1.25 each
24 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​​

NFL Pen Packs
$1.50 each
selected teams available
​Bears, Redskins, Saints, Falcons, Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs, Giants​

Mini Fashion Tape Measure 
$1.50 each
24 pc disp
Stretches up to 5 feet; Push button retraction; Auto-lock pull  

Scan Safe Wallet 

​​$2.00 each

12 pcs. these two colors/styles only

no display

Magnetic Flat Light Flashlight
​​$1.50 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display
 Six hot metallic colors in assortment, bright LED lights plus a convenient magnet. Store on any metal surface​

Handy Sewing Kit
$1.00 each 
24pc disp​ 
 Includes buttons, snaps, scissors, safety pins, needle, thread, threader, crafty tweezer​

Curtain Call Lighted Mirror
$3.00 each
24pc. disp. asst. 

 6 Bright LED lights; Lithium batteries incl 

Clear Essentials Case 
$2.50 each
12pc min/no disp
Ideal for toiletries & cosmetics; TSA Friendly; 3 Asst colors; 9" x 5" ​

Active Groove Sport-Fit Earphones 
​​$3.00 each
15pcs. asst. w/ display

Superior audio stereo quality with enhanced clarity, built-in microphone 

 Expressively Yours Sentiment Key Chain
$5.00 ea 
12pc minimum
Silvertone Matte Finish. 6 Asst styles, beautifully gift boxed.  

Metallic Pill Case​
$3.00 each
12 pcs. asst. colors, no disp 
snap closure. Metallic designs. Inside pocket for medical card, credit card, etc.  ​

Sports Fitness Watch
$3.00 each
12pc. disp. asst.  
Measures calories and distance​​

Pocket Bam Light
$2.50  each
24 pc. disp. asst. ​
Super bright LED light with built-in magnet plus carabiner​​

IPhone'5 Case

​​$2.50 each

12 pcs. asst. colors

Duck Commander

​"tea cup"

​​$2.50 each

12 pcs. w/display

Glam Wallet
​​$2.50 each
12 pcs. asst. colors​

Lighter Leash with Clip
$1.00 ea
30pc w/display
 Each Lighter Leash has a strong 36 inch retractable nylon cord. 

 Lash Tech Eyelash Curler
$ 1.50 ea
24 pcs asst. colors w/display
Salon quality super soft curler pad with no slip grip.

Flexible Book Light

$1.00 each

​12 pcs. asst. colors

Swivel Scan Safe

​​$2.00 each

24 pcs. w/display

Avoid I.D. theft with a flip! Keep all your credit and I.D. cards organized in one personal data protector. Swivel action case holds multiple cards in hard-shell casing

Diva Best Friend Necklace

​​$1.00 each

24 pcs.

Diva Key Chains

$0.80 each

​24 pcs.

Urban Energy 
Credit Card Coin Purses 
 $3.50 each
12pc asst. (Disp not included)​
Zip-top closure, plus three card slots. Lobster claw on key chain.  Matte finish faux leather   

measures 5.5" x 3.7"

All sales are final on clearance items. Prices listed are 1/2 retail value.