Boot Sock
$3.50 each
12pcs. pegable  (no display)
wide assortment of colors and styles with lace and or cute buttons. Boot socks wear well with most anything–jeans, leggings, dress or skirt

Expression Bracelet

$6.00 each

12 pcs , asst.

inspirational sayings for mom, friend, sister & more

Sterling silver finish  individually gift-boxed with corresponding verse card

Ring Phone Holder
 $4.00 ea
12pc disp asst. 
 Perfect for on the go! Can be used as phone stand, Reusable adhesive sticks to back of any device, Includes hanger car mount for your car, office, etc

Animal Pendants Set
 $5.00 ea
24pc disp asst. 
 16" with 2" extender

​"Butterfly's sold separately"

Clarity Opticard

$3.50 each

36 pcs. asst. colors

Bright L.E.D. lights with ergonomic placed thumb push-button on/off

batteries included. Six fun and colorful new styles

Other Great Items

 Prices listed are 1/2 retail value.

Butterfly Pendants Set

$5.00 each  

12 pcs., no disp

assorted colors

Beaded ID Badge
$5.00 each
12 pcs. min. asst. colors
Color faceted glass,  39" lanyard​

4 Pack Stainless Steel Straws with Curved Silicone Tops

$5.00 ea

12pc display 

4 straws with brush cleaner


Dual LED USB Wall Charger
$3.50 each
​16 pcs. w/display

Changes colors when lit, Doubles as a night light  

IPhone Pop Charger
$3.50 each
​24 pcs. w/display
Comes with 24 Iphone chargers
Perfect for outages or emergencies
*Pre-charged and *Disposable
Up to 5 hours talk/text time

Ladies Readers 
$3.00 ea 
24 pc w/disp 
Acrylic, assorted colors and powers w/spring hinge    

Ladies Lazer Temple Readers With Flower Display​
$3.00 ea 
24 pc w/disp 
Acrylic, assorted colors and powers w/spring hinge    ​

Denim readers (Unisex)
 $3.00 ea 
24pc w/ disp  
 Acrylic, assorted colors and powers w/spring hinge  ​

Dual LED USB Car Charger
$3.50 each
​16 pcs. w/display

3-in-1 C-Type Cables for Iphone, Samsung and all USB C-Type devices
$4.00 each
24pc Disp