IPhone Fan

$3.50 each

24 pc disp.


  Architect 5 in 1 Pen
​​$2.00 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display
Pen • Stylus • Level • Ruler • Screwdriver ALL-IN-ONE.

Way Cool Thermal Tote 
$5.50 ea 
12pc min. 
Full coverage tote. The heat-sealed interior is moisture-resistant with zip-top closure Measures: 9.5" H x 14" W x 4.5" D  Asst designs

Ring Phone Holder

 $3.50 ea

12pc disp asst.

 Perfect for on the go! Can be used as phone stand, Reusable adhesive sticks to back of any device, Includes hanger car mount for your car, office, etc

Pepper Spray
​$6.00 each
12 pcs., also comes in black

Glow-In-The-Dark Piggy Phone Stand
$1.00 each
85 pcs. asst.  colors 

Manicure Set
​$2.00 each
24 pcs. asst.  colors
includes tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and scissors

Glitz And Glam Stylus Pen phone charm​ 

$1.50 each

12 pc disp. asst colors

Rhinestone style and extends with audio port attachment  

 Passport Holder Wallet 
$2.00 ea 
12pc disp.

NFL Wristlet Lanyard

$3.00 each

12pcs. asst. teams

Piggy Phone Stand

​$1.00 each
50 pcs. asst.  colors 

3-in-1 C-Type Cables for Iphone, Samsung and all USB C-Type devices

$3.50 each

24pc Disp 

 NFL Notebook w/pen
$2.50 each
min 12 pcs., no disp.

8 teams available.  2"x3"

Animal Ring Phone Holder
 $2.50 ea
12 pcs. asst animals peggable
Kickstand Safe & Secure Grip!  ​

 NFL & MLB Bottle Cap Key Chain
$3.50 each
min 12 pcs., asst.

Decorated Kitchen Silicone Spatulas

24 pc Disp 
Bright, colorful designs, Asst styles with cute sayings

Piggy & Friends Phone Stand
​$1.00 each
90 pcs. asst. animals

Prices listed are 1/2 retail value. 

New Items

​Tool Pens 


16pc disp ​

Hand-painted Tool Pens, Asst styles 

Paisley Manicure Set
$4.00 each
24 pc disp
Great for travel, work or home. office, Set includes: scissors, cuticle pusher, nail clippers, nail file and tweezers

 ScanSafe Card Case
$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors w/ display​ 
Thin wallet fits easily in pocket or purse. 4 card slot with ID window. Has RFID protection 

LED Night Light Wall Switch
$3.50 each
15pc. disp. asst. 

Comes with adhesive backing and can be used in closet, on wall, locker etc. ~comes in beauty & the beast, minions & emoji's

Scan Safe My Choice Wallet​ 


24pc disp 

 Keeps all your credit card and ID cards organized! Seven accordion-style slots in soft shell casing with sure-snap latch closure. Made of durable fabric with certified RFID protection to deter identity theft

Light up Emoji Doll Keychain

$1.50 each
min 24 pcs., asst.

Emoji Stress Ball​

​​$1.50 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display​

Personal Panic Alarms

12 pc disp.
Comes in mixed pink and black
Perfect for kids, elderly, walking alone; batteries included; backup whistle; off button on back

Bam Duo Light

​$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 

Brighter than bright with two lights in one! Click once for a flashlight and twice for ultra intense band of light, Has COB LED advanced technology with  built-in magnetic and pocket clip

Ultimate Wallet 

12pc (Disp not included)

 This sleek and slim wallet offers 20 card slots, two interior pockets and window ID holder Comes in Asst Colors.​

Wanderlust Crossover Bag


12pc min 
Adjustable strap with three zippered and lined compartments. Three styles in all decorated with tassels, 3 Zippered & Lined Pockets

Insulated Two in One Large Tote​​
​$9.00 each
6 pcs. asst. colors 
base is insulated for hot or cold. zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs​

My Click  Cordless Light Switch

24pc display 

 The ultra-bright light with COB LED technology illuminates with a bright band of 9 intense lights. Can mount 1 of 3 ways: Velcro, hanging or built-in magnet.

Insulated Two in One Lunch Tote​​

​$5.50 each
8 pcs. asst. colors 

base is insulated for hot or cold. Zip-top closure, wipe clean surface fabric. Asst designs