Techie Tori Pen
$2.00 each
24pc asst. display.

3-in-1 stylus, pen and duster. Her "hair" is made of microfibers you can use to clean your screen

"I Said" NO! Pen
$3.50 each
12 pcs. blue only/black ink
This unique pen's loudspeaker projects several random versions of how to say no, including: "I said no!" and "Oh no!" Replaceable batteries and ink cartridge.​

 Architect 5 in 1 Pen
​​$2.00 each
24pcs. asst. w/ display
Pen • Stylus • Level • Ruler • Screwdriver ALL-IN-ONE.

My Click  Cordless Light Switch
24pc display 
 The ultra-bright light with COB LED technology illuminates with a bright band of 9 intense lights. Can mount 1 of 3 ways: Velcro, hanging or built-in magnet.

NFL & MLB  Bottle Cap Keychain
$3.50 each
min 12 pcs., asst.
(also  available in Lakers & Clippers)

Harry Highlighter
​$2.00 each
​24 pcs. asst.  
3 in 1 highlighter, pen and duster. Has an adorable pen clip tie.​

8 in 1 Multi-Screwdriver Flashlight 
$4.00 ea
12pc disp
​Seven Fold-Out Screwdrivers. Ideal for auto, camping, repair projects, household chores & emergency situations.

​Tool Pens 
16pc disp ​
Hand-painted Tool Pens, Asst styles 

 Duo Bam Light​
​$3.50 each
24 pcs. asst. colors 
Brighter than bright with two lights in one! Click once for a flashlight and twice for ultra intense band of light, Has COB LED advanced technology. Has built-in magnetic and pocket clip

Prices listed are 1/2 retail value. 

Dazzler Key Chains 
$3.00 ea 
24 pc w/disp 
Assortment includes colorful and trendy Cactus, Flamingo, Llama, Mermaid, Pineapple, and Unicorn. 

Flashlights, Pens & Keyrings 

Techie Tom Pen
$2.00 each
24pc asst. display.    
3-in-1 stylus, pen and duster. His "hair" is made of microfibers you can use to clean your screen 

LED Night Light Wall Switch
$3.50 each
15pc. disp. asst. ​
Comes with adhesive backing and can be used in closet, on wall, locker etc. *comes in beauty & the beast, minions or emoji's